Meet Layer

Odds are over the past few years you’ve likely come across a silicone textile or heard rumors of their long list of beneficial specs.  We’re here to confirm the rumors are true!

This fall, Luna added its first silicone product to our line-up of non-woven textiles — it’s called Layer. Silicone has a unique composition which together with its simple manufacturing create a more environmentally friendly non-woven option.

Silicone is formulated from sand. This is an organic polymer, versus many non-wovens which are created from inorganic polymers. Those often times contain chemicals which are bad for the environment or have harsh manufacturing processes. The manufacturing process with sand is very efficient and has nearly no pollutants. It uses very little water and energy, making it very clean. In addition, silicone is free of any added solvents. Altogether, if you’re seeking a non-woven for any space, silicone is your most sustainable option.

Luna’s Layer, which launched this fall with our Paradigm collection, comes in 18 colors. It’s bleach cleanable and highly durable — coming in at over 225,000 double rubs! With an extended lightfastness rating, it’s suitable for use both inside and outside. Layer is Healthier Hospitals Certified and AB2998 and Prop 65 Compliant.

Bringing a leather-like texture to a highly durable composition, Layer adds versatility and beauty to any space. This non-woven blends perfectly with a wide range of textiles. Order your samples today and contact your local rep to learn more about specifying this product for your design projects.