Luna + Davis Furniture

We continue to hear from designers the value of graded-in programs with furniture and textiles companies. As a response — Luna has been working hard on expanding our graded-in offerings.

We heard many requests for this new program — so after years of working together through many designers and projects in an unofficial capacity, Luna Textiles and Davis Furniture are thrilled to make our partnership official! Luna Textiles is now graded-in with the Davis Furniture collection.

This program launched April 1st, so you can start ordering pieces immediately. By working together in this way, it is now easier than ever to specify Luna on Davis pieces. The partnership will streamline ordering furniture with the two brands — from quicker lead times and better prices, to a simple ordering process with one PO. As a bonus — this program includes nearly the entire line of upholstery and panel fabrics from Luna Textiles. To see the full line up, check out this alliance page.