Luna Textiles + Leland

We have two exciting announcements from Leland!

First, we are so honored to be included, with our sister company Camira Fabrics, in Leland’s Elements collection. Within this collection, Leland is introducing eight new finish colors, all naturally inspired with fresh, rich tones. A selection of Luna Textiles has been included along side these new color offerings in their Coordinating Textile Program.

Second, we have also established a graded-in program with Leland! Including nearly the entire line-up of Luna’s fabrics, you can now easily specify our products on Leland’s furniture. Allowing for better prices and quicker lead times, this program up and running so you can start ordering today. To read more and see the selection of textiles, click below.

To see the full collection of textiles in the graded-in program, click here.

Products Shown: Mason in Celadon on Leland’s Beach Stone F.