2023 Product Updates

The fabrics included below are being phased out of our product offering. Between January 1 and July 1, 2023, the products will be available only while supplies lasts. Once stock is gone, they may be available at an MOQ. To place an order at that point, please work with our director of sales on what options are available. 

If you have questions about stock, please reach out to our customer service department at [email protected].

Full Product Line Phase Outs

Suggested alternate: Redfern

Suggested alternates: Candela, Signal

Dots Damask
Suggested alternates: Motif, Stacking Chairs, Switchback

Hatch Too
Suggested alternates: Hatch

Suggested alternates: Boomerang, Motif

Suggested alternates: Broome, Entenza, Urban Grid

Sketch Stripe
Suggested alternates: Highline, Loop, Split Signal

Suggested alternates: Acolyte, Hush, Notion

Tech Twist
Suggested alternates: Copa, Demi, Optik

Colorway Phase Outs

Copa Mai Tai (UPA786)

Incandescent Cloudburst (UNC414) and Epoxy (UNC415)

Signal Hematite (UGN384) and Strata (UGN386)

Twilight 2.0 Helio (UWT712)