Environmental Information

At Luna, the protection of our environment is a top priority. Through every step of design and operations, we’re committed to making decisions that lower our environmental impact — from material selection to production partners. We aim to provide high-performance textiles, with minimal chemicals, that are designed for longevity.

Luna Textiles supports the effort to create more environmentally responsible workplaces and is committed to developing sustainable fabric solutions with the planet at the heart of what we do.

Luna’s fabrics are designed for longevity. We focus on a timeless design aesthetic rather than promoting passing trends. Our fabrics are woven by environmentally responsible mills and made to last. We are committed to prioritizing sustainability in developing our textiles — we are continuously seeking eco-friendly fiber content and mill partners with like-minded practices.

Whenever possible, we work with fiber content that is environmentally sustainable. Currently in our collection, you can find:

  • Post-consumer and post-industrial recycled polyester
  • Eco Intelligent polyester that is antimony-free and perpetually recyclable
  • Rapidly renewable fibers such as organic cotton and low-impact wool
  • Cradle2Cradle certified, Oeko-Tex certified, LEED applicable textiles

Our suppliers operate with sustainable manufacturing processes, including:

  • ISO 14001 environmental standard certification
  • Optimized dyes that do not contain heavy metals
  • Avoidance of chemicals of concern; low VOCs – certified by Greenguard or SCS Indoor Advantage Gold.
  • Compliance with EPA regulations regarding waste disposal and emissions, including no toxins or effluents released into the ground or water table.
  • Reduced water consumption and energy use, as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recycled waste

Many of our fabrics are woven in the United States. We work with suppliers we know well, that provide high living wages and excellent working conditions. The weavers are expertly trained and educated, many from families that have been working for the same mills for generations.

Investing in environmental initiatives and being committed to social responsibility are important parts of Luna’s purpose. By trying to do the right thing, we believe we can contribute to making a difference for our planet, our people and future generations to come.