New Introduction: February 2017

Boomerang is a luxurious performance fabric, comprised of plush multi-directional curves atop a shimmering surface. Boomerang’s sumptuous hand belies its high performance. Bleach cleanable, stain resistant and extremely durable, this fabric is ideal for demanding contract applications.

Switchback, a fabric suitable for both upholstery and panel applications, features a labyrinthine framework set against a bouclé ground. Its etched geometries are accentuated by a contrast in ground color and texture, achieved through a cross dyeing process. Available in 8 vibrant colors, this performance fabric is comprised of 62% percent post-consumer recycled polyester and can withstand up to 100,000 double rubs.

The sophistication of wool at an accessible price point, Woohl Wallcovering introduces classic, understated elegance to any interior. Available in an extensive palette ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant accents, Whool boasts recycled content and is suitable for office or hospitality environments.