New Introduction: February 2018

FRAMEWORK recalls the Arts and Crafts Movement, which advocated production by traditional craft methods and materials. Offered in a color palette of ceramic inspired neutrals and pastels, each color-way celebrates the crafts and architecture of the era. True to its authentic muse, Framework is offered without a backing or a finish for enhanced sustainability. Soft to the touch, Framework’s bleach cleanable performance driven composition and 100K abrasion is the perfect counterpoint to its hand.

Marked by glowing stitches in between plush chenille, HIGHLIGHT strikes the perfect balance of soft seating with a modern accent. Offered in a color palette of “neon-neutrals” and jewel tones, this texture adds warmth and punctuation to any interior. In response to the design communities’ needs for both enhanced sustainability and performance, Highlight is offered finish free, yet boasts bleach cleanable performance and 60K double rubs, making it suitable for high track environments.