New Introduction: NeoCon 2016

Coco is inspired by, and in homage to, the legendary French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Woven with plush wool bouclé yarns that evoke the glamour of mid-century Parisian couture, “Coco” is all elegance and seductive charm. three haute colors add impeccable grace and style to any interior.

The spelling of Llinen reflects the changes we’ve made to create a high performance fabric with the look and feel of natural fibers. Llinen contains 45% real Belgian linen, a natural fiber from the flax plant famous for it’s beauty, strength, and resistance to dirt and pilling. We’ve blended the linen with viscose and polyester, for enhanced performance, and crossed it with a hard-wearing nylon chenille to create a soft, luxurious fabric suitable for high-traffic areas. Available in eleven luscious colors.

Woohl is a high-performance, multi-purpose fabric that looks and feels like real wool but is actually 100% polyester. The blending of different types of fibers in a special process creates the lofty, soft hand of a spun wool yarn. The resulting fabric is then cross-dyed to achieve the heathery, multi-colored effect.