New Introduction: Spring 2023 | Broome & Ellwood Expansion

For this launch, we’ve taken two fan favorites and given them an update! 

Starting with Broome — our design team has taken a well-loved pattern and given it fresh energy. It is taking on an entirely new colorline. It’s original line up is phasing out, to make way for eight fresh colors. 

From the start, Ellwood has been a staple due to it’s natural texture and timelessness. With eight colors already, the Luna design team expanded it, adding seven more. This brings a balance of warm and cool, offering a wider selection of colors, easily used in any space.

Inspired by vibrant 1980’s New York street art, Broome is a dynamic, allover pattern. This duotone textile adds an easy pop to any palette. It’s rich texture is composed of wool, nylon, and polyester, allowing it to work well in all high-traffic locations. It’s backed for stability and ease-of-use when upholstering. 

We’re refreshing Broome with a new, energized mix of 8 colors.  Including a balance of cool and warm tones, bold color and easy neutrals, this new line is approachable and fun! As it always has, Broome reflects the tenacity of it’s muse — just with new, fresh color.

Originally inspired by the Craig Ellwood case study house (1953), Ellwood’s classic quality and timeless aesthetic made it a fast favorite. It embodies the mid-century style with it’s clean construction and considered use of material, color, and texture. This is a widely usable and durable fabric that’s perfect for any high-traffic environment. 

With an original mix of eight colors, we’re bringing thoughtful balance to the colorline with an additional seven more. This adds both cool and warm tones in new, rich colors, rounding out the product line with 15 beautiful options.