New Introduction: Summer 2022 | Activate Collection

After a long period of trial and uncertainty, our Activate collection harbors the pent-up energy we’re all experiencing and releases it with a soft neon glow. Shown subtly in the four patterns, these neon elements create a range of activated color across this collection. The brilliant pops are strong without being obtrusive or overwhelming, they bring energy to any space through subtle, hot accents. Each neon element is blended into a strong, curated assortment of colors, sure to check every box across the collection. 

This collection focuses on very usable, multi-color textiles — including both pattern and texture. Without any solids, each of these fabrics allows designers to perfectly blend multi-color and multi-pattern palettes into a cohesive design. We’re certain this collection will allow designs to push forward into a new, inspiring era. 

Created with a cross network of linear elements, SPLIT SIGNAL was designed with an implied sense of energy and movement. Originally inspired by linear perspective drawings of architectural elements, our design team sought to drive this design forward (pun intended) moving from static linear geometry to a modern and dynamic graphic. Pulling neon highlights that activate the rich, earthen tones in the ground, Split Signal brings an electricity to any space it’s in. 

Fitting for a transit inspired textile, this was designed to work in all high-traffic areas, with a 100,000 double rub abrasion rating. Split Signal has a well-rounded 7 colorways, all multi-color tones, beginning with an earthy base and energized through a linear neon yarn.

Borrowing from the traditional techniques used to create Indian silk and taffeta, HIGHLINE is a sophisticated striae textile designed for modern interiors. Created with a custom neon striae warp crossed with vibrant weft yarns, Highline brings a soft glow and subtle movement to any interior. The design intent for Highline came in response to Split Signal — it’s designed is a strong coordinate but stands equally well on its own. 

Bringing high performance and high value, Highline is approved for both upholstery and panel, it’s suitable for high-traffic areas, and comes in at a very attainable price point. With 8 rich and vibrant colors, Highline is the perfect solution to add an electric glow to any space.

In keeping with the collection, LANA brings an energized duotone look with contrasting, electric colors through a classic boucle construction. By taking a two-color approach to this design, the base color allows the boucle color to truly vibrate, creating an unexpected pop. This design provides an on-trend modern look while setting it apart from our other boucle fabrics. 

With today’s needs in mind, Lana hits the boucle trend, while addressing high traffic needs and at an accessible price point. With a well-rounded 10 color lineup, each bring a different level of energy to a design palette.

Inspired by the 1980s Memphis Design Movement, MEMPHIS is a bold microstructure that plays well between a small-scale pattern and large, chunky texture. Born out of a desire to go against the status quo with furniture and architecture, the Memphis Design Movement was seeking energy, electric color, and playful geometrics — the opposite of the Midcentury Modern era. This signaled a shift in the future of design. With that as the inspiration, our design team worked a boucle yarn into a striking triangular geometry, topped by a neon “hot dot” to complete the look. In true Memphis Design Movement fashion, the colors chosen for this textile are bold! Bringing energy to any surface it’s upholstered on.

Memphis boasts a 65,000 double rub abrasion rating and is bleach cleanable — perfect for a high traffic area in need of a pop of color. Its three-color structure allows it to blend well into a variety of color palettes. With six colors to play with, we’re certain this will activate any space.