Paradigm Collection: The Making of Three-D

Luna’s new textile, Three-D is a play on visual perspective. It’s tension between graphic and texture is the result of large brightly colored boucle yarns applied in a customized warp sequence, and operating at the same scale as the dimensional grid design that emerges from the fabric surface.

The construction is woven on a double beam Jacquard loom, allowing for the open, colorful grid structure to get tacked down to a tightly woven ground cloth weaving underneath. To plan and visualize the design, our studio created small yarn wrapped prototypes that anticipated the woven result.

The “highlight” in each gridded layout was always placed immediately to the right and above the “low-light”, with a mid tone activating the background.

The color development was inspired by the artist David Hockney, whose work is known for “activating” color combinations––vivid, intense colors — such as bright yellows and oceanic blues — as a vehicle for delivering powerful perceptual experiences and depth.