About Luna

Passion defines us as a textile studio; it drives us to create inspirational textiles for the built environment. Committed to excellence, we design with purpose and we focus our expertise on bringing unique textiles to life.

Luna textiles was founded in San Francisco in 1994. Beginning from a passionate spark for design, Luna strives to bring new style to commercial interiors. Our textiles are designed for the commercial, hospitality, healthcare, education, and residential markets.

We offer a complete range of textiles for uses in upholstery, panel, drapery, and wall covering applications. With a concern for the well-being of those who inhabit or interact with our products, we select intentional materials with content that ranges from wool, cotton and rayon to recycled polyester and nylon. If desired, we have a range of finishes to accommodate special applications and increase performance.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for Luna. Our high-quality products are often times made from natural, recycled, or rapidly renewable fibers. These textiles are designed to be as clean and as environmentally friendly as they can be. When possible, we work with our mill partners to ensure continuous efforts are being made towards sustainable production practices.

Providing excellent service to our customers has always been a top priority. We want to share our passion for textiles with our customers and, with that, we are here to assist with your specifying process in any way we can. In addition to maintaining sufficient stocking levels, we aim for outstanding customer service and project management. We recognize that excellence in service means winning the confidence of each customer, one at a time.

The creativity and ingenuity that shaped Luna’s beginnings, continue today. As our company grows, we continue to seek out passion for creating aesthetically timeless textiles and provide a thoughtfully curated collection we hope provides practical and inspiring products.

Luna Textiles is a part of the Camira Group family of brands.