Designing Demi

Looking to expand our offering of high performing and easy-to-clean fabrics, our design team set out to create something that brought the color, sophistication, and quality construction that Luna is known for, but at an attainable price point. Demi checks all those boxes. As an added bonus, the design team worked hard to create something that allowed this performance level, while remaining soft and plush.

After months of design, editing, tweaking, refining, and curating, we are thrilled to add this beautiful and plush piece-dyed boucle to our collection.

Fitting within our Phase Change collection, in which each product plays with degrees of transparency, differing dimensions and structures, and shifts in color, Demi’s micro-boule construction provides a soft and plush hand, while maintaining a crisp and architectural look. It has a small, but robust texture, bringing dimension to any drapery, panel, or furniture piece.

Pulling from a collection of inspirational imagery and color swatches, our design team established a mix of jewel tones and neutrals to pull from. It’s woven against a black ground adding a stark contrast. Ultimately, Demi’s curated set of 12 shades adds rich color any project or space.