Coloring Pentimenti

The name Pentimenti comes from an Italian term referring to the subtle, but visible traces of an earlier painting, which an artist chose to paint over. This was used most notably during the Renaissance period.

For each of our own Pentimenti colorways, our Design Team pulled color inspiration from notable Renaissance paintings, each of which is known for its use of Pentimenti. This collection of works includes iconic paintings such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci with its hazy neutrals, and Bathers by Paul Cezanne with its calming aqua and apricot tones. Ultimately, each colorway takes both color and a name from its Renaissance muse, each of which you can see above.

To create the effect of layered colors and transparencies, a mix of vibrant and earthy hues pop in the foreground while feathering into a duo tone ground. Across the textile, bands of color emerge in both directions showing the transition from subtle to vibrant. The construction also has a cotton weft and uses a blend of matte and lustrous yarns, forming an interplay of matte and sheen.

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