Designing Angled Ombre

When creating the Phase Change collection, our design team spent a lot of time considering and exploring what it means to transition from a COVID to a Post-COVID world. While exploring the many factors, four products were developed that touched on a few key considerations. This included cleanability, sustainability, layers of color, new structures — both literal and figurative, shifting shapes, and more.

Once those four were developed, the team stepped back and considered how all these themes work together into one product — Angled Ombre.

This textile explores bold gradients and ethereal transparencies, channeling the figurative concept of “shifting states” –– of elements coming into being and of a new era emerging.  Fine, yet vibrant linework evokes an atmospheric, floating quality, as geometries transition from semi to solid forms. Sure to add a fun pop of color, this textile is designed to bring a bold touch to any upholstered surface.

Angled Ombre comes in six multi-color options all with an earth-tone base and glowing accent colors. With an added acrylic backing for stability, this brings 100,000 double rubs and is ideal for use in high traffic areas. Its contents include both recycled and rapidly renewable materials, making it a contender for any sustainability-minded spaces.