The Return Collection

Drawing inspiration from Mexican architecture, each textile in The Return Collection employs varying degrees of visual perspective. Embracing vivid coloration and textured surfaces, Corner Curve, Flora and Terrene work seamlessly together to enrich commercial and hospitality interiors.

Sustainability and modern craft are artfully blended within the collection to evoke a “soft modernism”. Carefully constructed using natural and recycled materials, including linen, wool, cotton and polyester, The Return Collection is free from added finishes and signals our deep commitment to sustainability in a resource strained environment.


The subtle, ultra soft character of Terrene yields a highly touchable surface. Terrene is a contemporary and refined chenille piece-dye. Its appeal rests in having an ultra-soft hand and nature inspired palette. Balancing natural linen fiber with performance forward components, Terrene embraces a natural aesthetic, while being engineered for high traffic use.

Corner curve

Bold graphics and textural depth come together in Luna’s Corner Curve. Inspired by the work of architect, Luis Barragán, an interplay of dimensional geometries and collaged curves meets vibrant hues. Corner Curve is intended to evoke a ‘soft modernism’ with an emphasis on recycled and sustainable content.


Performance and textural dimension define Flora. True to its name, Flora’s three-color structure recalls the flecks of color seen in a flower field. Flora’s chunky boucle yarns, paired with duotone accents, creates textural depth and bridges a range of palettes, allowing for seamless coordination within any space.

At a glance:

  • Three textiles, one collection
  • Inspired by Mexican architecture
  • Sustainable by design
  • Free from added finishes
  • Vibrant hues and textured surfaces