New Introduction: Fall 2020 | Paradigm Collection

A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and applied practices of a discipline. The concept was identified by the American physicist and philosopher, Thomas Kuhn. A notable example includes the transition in cosmology from a Ptolemaic cosmology, where the earth was considered the center of the universe, to a Copernican one, which positioned the Sun at the center.

Even though Kuhn restricted the use of the term to the natural sciences, the concept of a paradigm shift is commonly used in non-scientific contexts. It describes profound changes in a fundamental model or perception of events. Paradigm shifts often happen when new technology is introduced that radically alters the production process or manufacturing of a good or service. These shifts are key drivers in many of the processes that a society undergoes, such as the processes adopted during the Industrial Revolution.

Luna’s Fall collection plays with this theme, embodying ideas around a change in perspective in an evolving global landscape.

Amid COVID-19 and the impacts of climate change, our health and wellbeing have never been more important. In response, Luna’s approach to textile design and development is shifting to place these needs at the forefront.

Each of these new textiles play with varying visual perspective, from the subtle character of Layer, to the strong textural depth of Three-D. The collection has an emphasis on soft, yet highly durable and dimensional textures. In addition, Luna prioritized performance and cleanability with these four products. We know and continue to hear the importance of both as the landscape of our industry shifts. As a bonus, the Paradigm collection as a whole is free of added finishes.

To the road ahead!

Bold graphic and textural depth come together in Luna’s Three-D. Through the interplay of a customized warp layout and vibrant bouclé yarns, a dimensional grid design emerges from Three-D’s surface. This unique structure underscores the influence of construction and color to create depth along a linear system.

Performance and textural dimension define our new addition, Optik. True to it’s name, Optik’s three color structure plays with visual illusion, creating depth within it’s bouclé construction. As a multi-color texture, this textile bridges a range of palettes, allowing for seamless coordination within any space.

Aperto is a multi-purpose textile that boasts soft dimension and high performance. Offered in a muted nine-color palette, Aperto brings a refined natural linen look to any indoor or outdoor space. With approval for use in upholstery, panel, and drapery applications, Aperto’s options are endless.

Layer is Luna’s latest addition to our collection of non-woven upholsteries. Bringing a leather-like texture to a highly durable composition, Layer adds versatility and beauty to any space.  This textile is comprised of 100% Silicone on the face, creating a supple hand across its’ range of 18 neutral and vibrant colorways.