New Introduction: NeoCon 2018

ENDLESS, has been engineered to push the technical and technological limits of Jacquard weaving, while embracing both systematic and artistic expression. Created in Processing, an programming language for visual design, Endless employs the use of code to generate a “non-repeating”, randomized design that spans the full fabric width and has an “endless” (repeat) height.

To create the design, Luna worked closely with resource partners to develop a new methodology for pattern generation, which allows for virtually unlimited variation. The approach included looking at 3 parameters to accomplish the design: Code, and its power to create permutations of design elements, the Computational Limits of producing and weaving an extended design file, and the Mechanical Constraints of the Jacquard loom.

With references to the artist, Mondrian, Endless’ orthogonal composition reveals an order amongst abstract forms, creating a unique, yet balanced surface for any interior. In keeping with its muse, Endless is offered in a crisp palette of bold primaries and high contrast neutrals, plus boasts a 100K abrasion rating.

LOOP is designed on the principal of “looping” in computer programming, where a set of instructions are repeated until a specific condition is met. Loop’s curves wind across the fabric’s surface, crossing on themselves until closed loops are completed at random.

Offered in 6 colorways, Loop offers a winning combination of performance and sustainability attributes: with 100% recycled nylon, no chemical finish, bleach clean-ability and 100K double rubs, this textile is suitable for high traffic, hospitality and health care environments.

Luna’s newest texture, TECH TWIST, is engineered for softness, sophistication and performance. Offered in 6 neutral and primary colorways, Tech Twist’s duo tone boucle yarns add a soft and subtle counter-point to the performance built from within.

Tech Twist’s 100% solution dyed composition yields an extended lightfastness rating and its inherent antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of mildew, rending this fabric an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Additional performance features include a 50K abrasion rating and an added stain repellent to further resist stains.