New Introduction: NeoCon 2015

Inspired by the organic and decisive forms of Jean Arp, Boink creates a fluid pattern of interlocking shapes within a structured, balanced negative space.

Betwixt translates the soft hand of alpaca into a high-performance, bleach-cleanable seating fabric. It is offered in a spectrum of modern colors that range from five upbeat, energizing hues to three versatile neutrals.

Bedrock interweaves lustrous yarns with matte fibers to create a surface animated by reflected light. Its organic, textural pattern evokes nature‚Äôs beauty in a serene palette of nine muted tones.

Inspired by the inventive spirit of 21st century technology, the dynamic random pattern of Intersect generates visual energy for walls. Woven with light-reflective yarns, Intersect offers a modern look in a neutral palette enhanced by its luminous finish.